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What Is a Second Language L2? The second thus defined is equivalent to the ephemeris second. A second is directly part of other units, such as frequency measured in hertz (inverse seconds or second−1), speed in meters per second, and acceleration in meters per second squared. The metric system unit becquerel, a measure of radioactive decay, is measured in inverse seconds. This definition refers to a caesium atom at rest at a temperature of 0 K.The revised definition would seem to imply that the ideal atomic clock would contain a single caesium atom at rest emitting a single frequency. This resulted in adoption of an ephemeris time scale expressed in units of the sidereal year at that epoch by the IAU in 1952. This extrapolated timescale brings the observed positions of the celestial bodies into accord with Newtonian dynamical theories of their motion. In 1955, the tropical year, considered more fundamental than the sidereal year, was chosen by the IAU as the unit of time. The tropic